Let's talk about Tax



                                                             Elizabeth Merk, EA   



Speak with an IRS Enrolled Agent?  What's that?  Enrolled Agent (EA) is the only national credential that the IRS recognizes.  That is because only the IRS offers the in-person proctored three part test.  There are less than 40,000 individuals who hold this credential worldwide.  You must be a former IRS employee or pass the tests.

Most folks don't notice that the A in CPA is for 'accounting' not tax.  Like travel agent, most folks in the world have found it simple and efficient to automate accounting and travel.


Here are some helpful links: 

www.irs.gov  Many taxpayers are surprised to find that the IRS has modernized their site and that they have a simple search window that will get you to the right place with safe links and factfinders that will walk you step by step.

Consider trying the step by step tax estimator.  Follow this link or simply put tax withholding estimator in the search window.  This is super helpful for folks who have self-employment income