Living Beyond Age 100

Over the past many years of my career in money, I have spoken to healthy people with simple lifestyles about their risk of living beyond age 100.  Social Security Administration did some research they released that suggests that conservative investors make a mistake when they presume they will not live long.  Consider your risk if you make a mistake by one percent of return on investment, or one extra year of life.  Traditional pension used the "G word", guarantee concerning guaranteed lifetime income.  Lifetime.  Now with 401k it has been predicted for years by professionals that many folks will simply run out of money.




You may have been told the same things i heard when i entered the Money Industry years ago about long-term investing.  Put some here, some there, lose here, gain there.  i was told I could count on double digit annual returns, and a big percentage each year as income.  I was told 12% was easy to earn, 10% okay to withdraw annually.  They forgot a few details.  Volatility is a whole separate topic and it is the current trend in management by the very best, in my view.  The other detail is exactly how long will I live, and my spouse, and what will our health be like, and how much will my living expense be, and, how much will a dollar be worth in an Internatinal Economy.